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Since its inception, Jon Gibson Company has been responsible for the land planning and development of more than 1,100 acres. This development includes over 1 million square feet of office, industrial, and commercial buildings -- primarily within our own business parks. Though the company initially focused on commercial projects, it has planned residential subdivisions to accommodate over 2,000 homes. But there's more to the story... The company changed its focus over the years from developing their own properties to the acquisition of existing quality projects which provide our firm an opportunity for further enhancement. In doing so we added to our portfolio a retirement community and a number of multi-family communities.

We attribute much of our success to a team of quality individuals not only within the company but also highly skilled consultants, property managers, and vendors. The entire team dedicates itself to providing well-maintained facilities where tenants and residents are treated with dignity and respect as valued and appreciated customers. We strive to find and correct any deficiency or maintenance issue before our customer even notices. When a discrepancy is noted by a customer it is our objective to respond quickly and efficiently to minimize any inconvenience. It is our objective to provide significant value beyond lease cost with a great product which is kept in pristine condition, to provide friendly service and an atmosphere where our tenants can peacefully conduct their business or maintain their home.

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